The cruise industry is a special niche in shipping. The vessels are very capital intensive, but they make up for a limited part of the total guest experience.
Following aspects are typical for cruise vessel newbuilding and repair or revite projects. Time cutting is equally important as cost cutting.Much more is regulated than in cargo shipping. Start-up is essential part of the project. In general, demand on resources can be very high during relatively short periods. This is why Viamar can help with it’s in-house cruise industry know-how, from executive level down to local purchasing level. Big cruise ship operators are Clients of Viamar.



Management of newbuilding

Management of revite projects

  • Issue of tender
  • Assessment of yards
  • Review of Contract & Specification
  • Approval of drawings and suppliers
  • Site supervision of construction
  • Handling guarantee items
  • Guarantee support
  • Making tender specification with work scopes
  • Drydock selection and Contract review
  • Management of quality & progress of works
  • Risk analysis and ship safety monitoring
  • Supply item logistics from pick-up to ship access ramp
  • Handling of claims & guarantee support
  • Updating of drawings reflecting modifications